Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is a body of elected and appointed members who jointly guide the focus of Bently Foundation. Each of our board members contribute to the Bently Foundation mission through their commitment and creativity.

Christopher P. Bently


Officer and Director

Christopher first began his career in music and sound production. Through his late twenties, he thrived as a musician before switching gears to his other passion: architecture and historical buildings. In 2001, he created Bently Holdings, purchasing a historic art deco building on Union Square that had survived the 1906 earthquake for its first project. The start of many successful property investments, the treasured building was brought back to life and awarded LEED Gold Certification. In 2005 he purchased the former Federal Reserve Bank Building of San Francisco renovated it to LEED Silver CI standards, creating Bently Reserve.

Camille Bently

Executive Director


Camille has grown and directed the Bently Foundation from it’s inception, incorporating she and Christopher’s commitment to protecting the environment and wildlife as well as supporting a culture of appreciation for performing and public arts. Together Christopher and Camille have led the Bently Foundation in funding everything from classical ballet to street art installations, animal rescue and welfare, environmental and wildlife protection campaigns and land conservation projects both locally and internationally. Camille grew up across the entire US which instilled in her a love of travel, adventure and discovery. She has always had a fascination with wildlife and natural environment and desire to protect them. From a young age she provided constant frustration and worry to her mother, always coming home after dark bearing a day’s adventure dirty, scraped and bruised with some or other creature swaddled up determined to nurture it to health; a bird fallen from it’s nest, a litter of kittens discovered mewing in the snow. Always full of stories of caterpillars beginning to cocoon, new lizards in the wood pile, crawdads in the stream, encounters with colonies of fire ants and the bites to prove it. “My whole life, nothing has been more inspiring than being surrounded by creatures in nature.” Her love and work with the foundation and the causes it supports is a daily dedication and cherished honor fulfilling her lifelong passion. Throughout all of Christopher and Camille’s world travels she never ceases to seek out and support the organizations and people who are actively changing the world for the better.

Jeff Jarboe



Jeff was born and raised in the Midwest — in Michigan, Ohio, and Iowa. In 1978 he graduated from Ohio State University with a BS Business, majoring in Accounting. He has been a California certified CPA (certificate #30961) since 1980 — this is a total of thirty-five years of finance and accounting experience.

Sean Orlando


Sean Orlando is a multi-disciplinary installation artist, museum professional, and community organizer with an interest in collaborative and immersionary large-scale sculptural installation projects. Sean is the co-founder of the Five Ton Crane Arts Group, owner and principle artist at Engineered Artworks, Board Director at the Bently Foundation and Artist Fellow at The de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Yvette Marie Conde

Assistant Treasurer


Yvette Marie Conde has over 19 years of experience in accounting and finance and over seven years of service with Bently Holdings, Bently Enterprises.

Loretta Clarke


Director and Disclaimed Fund Director

Loretta is currently Head of Sales Compensation in the Global Talent Organization at LinkedIn. In this role, she is responsible for compensation strategy as well as development and rollout of human capital management programs that are designed to attract, motivate, develop and reward top talent. Prior to this, Loretta served as the Director of Compensation Operations for Asia Pacific and Japan at Hewlett-Packard in Singapore.

Karen Craig

Officer and Director

Secretary, Officer and Director

Karen Craig’s passion brings together government, business, and organizations to create thriving and sustainable communities. Karen has an award-winning record of transforming communities across the country. She has been honored as the Civic Leader of the Year, featured in the New Yorker’s “Talk of the Town,” and been called one of Nevada’s 20 Most Influential Leaders to Watch. She is a leading consultant and speaker on creative cities.

Nadine Weil


With an industrial engineering degree from Stanford and a business degree from Harvard, Nadine is now dedicated to undoing everything she learned in school to help create a more sustainable planet. Prior to going green in 2004, she worked in management consulting in the U.S. and Europe with a focus on technology companies. Her past experiences include mergers & acquisitions in the entertainment sector in Los Angeles, international business in Milan at the LEK Partnership, startup advisory services at Pathway Ventures, and Internet marketing for OpenTable.com. Nadine became an intern at General Motors for the EV1 Electric Vehicle and still enjoys watching EVs out-accelerate Ferraris at the track.

David Shulman


As Chief Financial Officer for Obscura Digital, a world-renowned creative agency, David is responsible for all business administration. This includes finance, accounting, legal, human resources, and facilities. David is a highly versatile executive with wide-ranging experience in companies that vary in size from start-ups to high-growth companies. An effective team player with more than fifteen years of experience, David has managed teams of two to twenty or more people in both the US and Europe. 

Jennifer Raiser


Jennifer Raiser divides her roles as a writer and management innovator. She is the founding editor of SFWire.com, and writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, Fest300.com, Gentry Magazine, The Nob Hill Gazette, and other publications. She is the author of the bestseller, Burning Man: Art on Fire, 2014/2016, Race Point Press, In the Spirit of Napa Valley, 2015, Assoulineand a number of books in development. 

Joe Silvestri

Joe was born, raised and lives in San Francisco with his wife Kathleen and their 3 children Anthony, Ciara and Gianna. He did spend some time out of San Francisco when he took a semester off school and lived for 5 years in the Bavarian Alps in the village of Oberammergau. After returning from that semester break Joe finished school at San Francisco State University and began his accounting career at Coopers & Lybrand. Joe ended his 30 year career as a Tax Partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers and retired in June of 2017. For the last 20 years his focus was working with venture backed technology companies. He has advised hundreds of start-ups over the years and his clients have included Twitter, Airbnb, Tesla Motors and PayPal. Joe is a CPA and has a Masters in Tax.

Nick Hinkell

Assistant Director

Nick grew up in the rural foothills of California and has explored the Sierra Nevada Mountains via foot, bike, raft, ski and snowboard all his life.  He also caught the travel bug early and has become quite the eco-tourist.  He and his wife have toured many of the top destinations throughout both North and South America and continue to seek out wild places whenever the opportunity strikes.