"In a natural landscape, trees and soil help soak up rainwater, but in developed or urban landscapes, rainwater falls onto streets, parking lots, roofs, or other non-absorbent surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Instead of sinking into the ground, rainwater runs off the land, picking up harmful pollutants like nutrients, pesticides, petroleum residues, and sediments along the way. During heavy rains, the water that runs off the landscape is called stormwater." - Excerpt from Coral.org

"San Francisco, CA (January 8, 2020) ‒ People the world over united to help Save the Redwoods League protect Alder Creek, the largest remaining privately owned giant sequoia property in the world. The purchase of Alder Creek, which was finalized on December 31, 2019, was made possible thanks to more than 8,500 donors from all 50 states and around the world who made gifts to acquire the property for $15.65 million. More than 98 percent of California’s giant sequoia groves are now protected in public, tribal or League ownership... a $250,000 challenge grant issued by the Bently Foundation in the final weeks of the campaign inspired online giving up to midnight on December 31, 2019." -excerpt from SaveTheRedwoods.org

With catalyst funding from Bently Foundation, BCI has launched a project to help bats migrating between the U.S. and Mexico. Agaves are an essential food source for Mexican long-nosed bats and lesser long-nosed bats, but the growth of the tequila and mezcal industries has had a detrimental impact on its availability. This ambitious ten-year project aims to remedy this shortage by planting tens of thousands of agave plants throughout the bats' migratory corridor.

With lead funding from Bently Foundation, SEE Turtles launched an advocacy campaign to educate tourists about turtleshell products. These products, though common in shops throughout Central America, are made from the shells of poached Hawksbill sea turtles, a critically endangered species. "Too Rare to Wear" helps people identify these products and strives to put an end to this practice for good.