Nadine Weil

Director Emeritus

With an industrial engineering degree from Stanford and a business degree from Harvard, Nadine is now dedicated to undoing everything she learned in school to help create a more sustainable planet. Prior to going green in 2004, she worked in management consulting in the U.S. and Europe with a focus on technology companies. Her past experiences include mergers & acquisitions in the entertainment sector in Los Angeles, international business in Milan at the LEK Partnership, startup advisory services at Pathway Ventures, and Internet marketing for Nadine became an intern at General Motors for the EV1 Electric Vehicle and still enjoys watching EVs out-accelerate Ferraris at the track.

Nadine has co-hosted events for U.N. World Environment Day, Global Green USA’s Gorgeous & Green Gala, WildAid, NRDC, Vote Solar, Rainforest Action Network, Center for Environmental Health, Amazon Watch, Save The Redwoods League, Earth Island’s Brower Youth Awards, As You Sow, ForestEthics, Snow Leopard Conservancy, Ballet Silicon Valley and many others. She has also hosted local movie premieres for “An Inconvenient Truth,” “Who Killed The Electric Car,” “The 11th Hour,” and “Revenge of the Electric Car.” Nadine serves on the Advisory Board of the Engage Network and the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. She has been a contributing eco-editor for 944 Magazine and a featured guest on ABC Channel 7 for segments on eco-fashion and conscious living. She enjoys helping companies, institutions, and events go green. In January 2014, Nadine was honored by the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California at their W50 Gala. Despite her petite nature, Nadine is happiest when standing next to 300-foot tall redwood trees and 600-pound tigers, both of which she hopes to play a role in saving.