Christopher P. Bently


Officer and Director

Christopher first began his career in music and sound production. Through his late twenties, he thrived as a musician before switching gears to his other passion: architecture and historical buildings. In 2001, he created Bently Holdings, purchasing a historic art deco building on Union Square that had survived the 1906 earthquake for its first project. The start of many successful property investments, the treasured building was brought back to life and awarded LEED Gold Certification. In 2005 he purchased the former Federal Reserve Bank Building of San Francisco renovated it to LEED Silver CI standards, creating Bently Reserve.

An ardent environmentalist, Christopher sought to build companies that embody his vision for the future, insisting on nothing less than exemplary green operating fundamentals throughout each of the Bently Enterprises companies. Along with producing biofuels and investing in green technology, Christopher is in the process of creating a fully organic and sustainable ranching practice in Nevada’s beautiful Carson Valley.

In addition to many accolades praising his dedication to the arts and environment, Christopher currently holds several honorary positions to related causes, and has served on many boards including the Black Rock Arts Foundation, the Burning Man Project, Global Green, and the Point Reyes Bird Observatory.

He is currently President of the Bently Foundation in addition to serving as CEO of Bently Enterprises. Christopher manages and is expanding Bently Enterprises’ dynamic roster of companies including property management firm Bently Holdings, historic San Francisco venue Bently Reserve, luxury apartments Bently Nob Hill, sustainable farm Bently Ranch, and estate distillery Bently Heritage