Camille Bently

Executive Director


Camille has grown and directed the Bently Foundation from it’s inception, incorporating she and Christopher’s commitment to protecting the environment and wildlife as well as supporting a culture of appreciation for performing and public arts. Together Christopher and Camille have led the Bently Foundation in funding everything from classical ballet to street art installations, animal rescue and welfare, environmental and wildlife protection campaigns and land conservation projects both locally and internationally.

Camille grew up across the entire US which instilled in her a love of travel, adventure and discovery. She has always had a fascination with wildlife and natural environment and a desire to protect them. From a young age she provided constant frustration and worry to her mother, always coming home after dark bearing a day’s adventure... dirty, scraped and bruised with a creature swaddled up, determined to nurture it to health; a bird fallen from it’s nest, a litter of kittens discovered mewing in the snow. Always full of stories of caterpillars beginning to cocoon, new lizards in the wood pile, crawdads in the stream, encounters with colonies of fire ants and the bites to prove it.

Her love and work with the foundation and the causes it supports is a daily dedication and cherished honor fulfilling her lifelong passion. Throughout all of Christopher and Camille’s world travels she never ceases to seek out and support the organizations and people who are actively changing the world for the better.