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Unite The Parks

A grassroots movement to unite Yosemite & Kings Canyon

Unite the Parks' main goal is to obtain National Park Status for the 1.4 million acres of the Sierra Nevada mountain range between Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon. To achieve this, they have been engaging in advocacy, litigation, outreach, education, and scientific research to show that our forests are healthiest when we minimize our resource extraction.

A current lawsuit against USFS and USFWS is attempting to halt 31 proposed logging projects in this proposed "Range of Light" area in hopes of saving the Pacific fisher and several other endangered species that call this forest home.

Unite the Parks is also conducting a series of scientific studies to show that managing forests may actually be detrimental to forest fire mitigation. This theory is based on the fact that oxygen is a fire's main source of fuel, and that when we remove trees, brush, and ground cover from a forest we increase the amount and speed of wind that can pass through them unimpeded. Instead of "reducing fuel loads," forest management may actually be increasing fire severity, which is one reason why fires in managed lands are historically larger and more destructive than those in National Parks (which are managed less).

Finally, Unite the Parks has recently started their Get Outside Adventure Leadership (GOAL) program that introduces youth from California's Central Valley to the outdoors through camping, canoeing and river cleanup trips.

In 2022, Bently Foundation approved a $58,000 grant to Unite the Parks to help launch their GOAL program and to aid in their many other focus areas.

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