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Scottish Ballet

Scottish Ballet is Scotland’s national dance company with a mission is to inspire on stage and beyond.

Based in Glasgow, Scottish Ballet performs regularly all over Scotland – from the biggest cities to the most remote communities, and increasingly throughout the UK and internationally. By performing bold, adventurous ballets rooted in classical technique. Scottish Ballet achieves this by working with ground-breaking choreographers such as Helen Pickett, Jess & Morgs and Sophie Laplane.

The company is pushing boundaries in other ways, too. They use digital platforms that engage audiences remotely and they are the first ballet company in the UK to use intimacy coaches. Scottish Ballet is now working closely with Inc. Arts, shaping an anti-racism strategy across the whole organization.

Bently Foundation awarded Scottish Ballet with two grants totaling £150,000 in 2021 to support their partnership with Inc. Arts and yet-to-be-announced programming for their 2023-24 season.

Learn more about Scottish Ballet here.