Sf Ballet

San Francisco Ballet

Groundbreaking dance from top choreographers

The San Francisco Ballet is one of the premier ballet companies in the world. In the hopes of expanding their audience to a wider demographic, they teamed up with The Royal Ballet of London to premier a production of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Lowell Lieberman created an original score for this groundbreaking production.

In 2016, Bently Foundation presented the San Francisco Ballet with a $500,000 grant to help make this revolutionary performance a reality. Frankenstein premiered in London in May of 2016 and in San Francisco in February of 2017. The ten performances in San Francisco attracted 30,261 audience members, filling 97% of the Opera House’s total capacity and reached new and diverse audiences.

Following the success of Frankenstein, SF Ballet launched the Next Gen Initiative with the aim of attracting a younger audience. The first year of this initiative involved 12 world premiers in spring of 2018. Unbound: A Festival of New Works, invited guest choreographers from around the world to unveil cutting edge performances.

In 2018, Bently Foundation awarded SF Ballet with a $150,000 grant to help ensure Unbound’s success.

All photos courtesy of San Francisco Ballet and copyright Erik Tomasson. Photos 1-5: Max Cauthorn & Wei Wang in Frankenstein. Photos 6-18: SF Ballet in the 12 Unbound performances. Photo 19: Artistic Director Helgi Thomasson with Unbound's Choreographers. Photos 20-23: Sasha de la Sola; Lonnie Weeks & Daniel Deivison Oliveira; Wei Wang, and; Dores Andre & Luke Inham.

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