Saving endangered seabirds in the face of climate change.

Oikonos studies and protects imperiled ecosystems by engaging diverse communities through innovative scientific and artistic collaborations.

They are working on Año Nuevo island (off the coast of Santa Cruz, CA) to preserve endangered seabird populations. Human habitation, sea-rise, and climate change have been reducing safe nesting habitat for burrowing species including Rhinoceros auklets and Cassin's auklets. Among their activities here, Oikonos designed and installed climate change-resistant nesting boxes for this endangered species. Auklet populations have been increasing dramatically, with the nest-boxes at full capacity each season since. Having worked here continuously for years, Oikonos' efforts contributed to 498 Rhinoceros auklets breeding on the island in 2019. This is a record high for the 28 years since studies began here.

In 2014, Bently foundation contributed $28,900 to this effort.

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