Dolphin Project Jakarta Animal Aid Network

The Dolphin Project: Jakarta Animal Aid Network

Dedicated to improving the lives of Indonesia's animals.

Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) is an Indonesia-based animal welfare organization that takes on almost every aspect of animal welfare reform throughout the nation’s many diverse islands. Through their many programs, JAAN strives to reduce animal suffering, stop illegal wildlife trade, and promote compassionate treatment for all of Indonesia’s animals.

In 2016, Bently Foundation provided a two-part grant to The Dolphin Project to support JAAN's many benevolent projects. The grant involved a $75,000 unconditional grant as well as a $25,000 incentive grant to encourage additional funders. In 2017 alone, JAAN: contributed to ten major wildlife-smuggler confiscations in which they rescued 187 individual animals (all protected species); saved nearly 10,000 at risk sea turtle hatchlings; began construction on a wildlife education center; educated children at 20 schools about dancing monkeys; cared for 39 confiscated dancing monkeys; and helped educate several law enforcement agencies about how to better recognize protected species.

Photos courtesy of Jakarta Animal Aid Network

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