Keeping Wild Horses Wild, with Humane Contraceptives

June 10, 2016

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign opposes sterilization, but new methods provide a safe alternative that doesn’t disrupt female hormones.

They maintain their natural wild and social behavior, they just can’t get pregnant. Usually I’m fighting — fighting against roundups or fighting against spaying or gelding horses. This is what grassroots is all about.

Deniz Bolbol, programs director of The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

In Northern Nevada’s Pine Nut Range, a new horse darting program is underway. It’s the first public-private partnership of its kind, and its aimed at controlling the indigenous herd’s population, off neighborhood lawns, and ultimately out of government holding pens.

The nonprofit groups Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates and the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign are working together with the Bureau of Land Management to try and shrink the herd with the new contraceptive vaccine PZP. This will help eliminate the nuisance complaints that prompt more roundups.

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About the The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign: The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is dedicated to preserving and protecting America’s wild horses and burros in viable, free-roaming herds and safeguarding their habitat through public awareness and educational programs, coalitions and strategic partnership building. Our goal is freedom, protection and preservation of America’s wild horses and burros.