SEE Turtles Supports New Conservation Programs

September 25, 2015

People thought the Hawksbill turtles had disappeared forever, but were wrong. SEE Turtles is working with international organizations to support new Hawksbill conservation efforts.

Not long ago that many sea turtle experts assumed there were too few hawksbill turtles left to even bother protecting. But thanks to a few scientists and the residents of a Nicaraguan town, new nesting sites have been discovered, and this critically endangered turtle has a new lease on life. But there’s still work to be done: the turtle is still critically endangered, and faces threats from destructive fishing techniques. 

But working together, a small group of scientists and local residents managed to upend the scientific consensus regarding both where hawksbill turtles live and their status in this region. Groundbreaking scientific research, the protection of 90 percent of new Hawksbill eggs, and local residents working to protect these turtles are just a few of the wonderful things these people have achieved by working together.

Read about the turtles and the people working to save and celebrate their lives at The Dodo.

About SEE Turtles: SEE Turtles has been a proud supporter and partner of ICAPO since 2011. Through our Billion Baby Turtles campaign, we have donated more than $20,000 (enough to save nearly 50,000 hatchlings) and connected volunteers and ecotourists to their projects help support their work and benefit the local communities.