David Shulman

Disclaimed Fund Director


As Chief Financial Officer for Obscura Digital, a world-renowned creative agency, David is responsible for all business administration. This includes finance, accounting, legal, human resources, and facilities. David is a highly versatile executive with wide-ranging experience in companies that vary in size from start-ups to high-growth companies. An effective team player with more than fifteen years of experience, David has managed teams of two to twenty or more people in both the US and Europe.

Unique for a finance executive, David is also an accomplished public artist. He is a co-founder of Five Ton Crane, a California Bay Area artist collective. Also, he recently completed a five-year run as advisor to, and member of, the Board of Directors at The Crucible, a non-profit industrial arts training center located in Oakland, California. David is currently working to refurbish The Raygun Gothic Rocketship (2009) in preparation for a permanent installation in Denver, Colorado. He is also working on Gertie’s Ghost, a permanent and site-specific public commission for Tacoma, Washington; the project is is slated for installation in 2017.