Camille Bently

Executive Director


Camille Bently has always been an artist and active environmentalist with a lifelong love for all animals and nature that has led her passion for her philanthropic efforts. Through extensive travel, Camille has developed her approach to giving based on hands-on experience throughout the world. Camille believes in the importance of instilling responsibility for protecting the environment and animals for the next generation. Her passion for the environment, animals, and the arts is reflected in her leadership of the Bently Foundation.

Based on a need to deliver qualified funding for charities and institutions that offer a unique opportunity to help support causes close to their hearts, Camille Bently, with the support and influence of her husband Christopher Bently, founded and established the self-funded Bently Foundation. As Co-founder and Executive Director, Camille directed the Foundation through its formative years and was a key player in developing its mission and board of directors. Beginning with Wild Care and The Crucible, she has curated an extensive grant portfolio reflecting her and Christopher’s values. Camille is grateful every day for the opportunity to make a difference, and the Bently Foundation continues to be her passion and priority.